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Family & Team

In 1999 four brothers set out to progressively create better adhesive products for educators. Little did they know, over the years this venture would lead them to develop a revolutionary formula within the adhesives industry.

Since opening its doors, Mavalus has been a family and veteran-owned company that puts guaranteed quality and customer care at the center of its operations. Our research team approaches product development with a problem-solving mentality: while most tapes are designed to either hold tight or remove easily, we’ve been able to create an acid-free tape that does both.

This research led to our Intelligent Adhesive solution that we now use to serve not only teachers, but also customers across all industries through our line of tapes and new products always being developed. When it comes to solving problems through adhesives, no one does it more Mavalusly than us!

A Product We Stand Behind

Every Mavalus customer gets a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand by the premium quality of our products and know that every experience is different. If our customers don’t have a Mavalus experience, our customer support champions will make it right.