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Will Mavalus Tape stick to cold process laminating film?

Mavalus Tape was tested on cold process laminating film after hearing from a teacher that the tape was not sticking to this material. Initially, the tape did not stick. However, we noticed an oily film on the surface of the material. Once the surface was wiped clean with alcohol and a cotton swab, the tape held and stuck well to the cold process laminating film. We suggest doing the same for optimal results with cold process laminating film.

Will Mavalus Tape stick to freshly painted walls?

We have had several reports of Mavalus not sticking to freshly painted surfaces. Our research tells us it is important to let the paint cure completely before applying the tape.

At its most basic, curing of a paint is when it turns from a pliable state to a solid state throughout, not just "dry" on the surface. Curing of paint is not the same as drying. It is a change at chemical level, not merely the evaporation of liquid or binder from the paint.

Even though latex paint dries to touch very quickly, it isn't dry enough to recoat for 8 to 12 hours. Some specialty latexes will dry faster, so read the label carefully for each different paint you purchase. Temperature and humidity also affect dry time. The ideal temperature is 70 F. When it comes to the actual "cure" time, which is the point-at-which the paint is as tough and durable as it will get, when you can wash it, most paints take approximately 30 days to reach full "cure."

Will Mavalus Tape damage my walls?

Mavalus Tape removes cleanly without damaging most surfaces. Mavalus Tape is not recommended for use on delicate surfaces, freshly painted surfaces or walls with flat paint. A test application is recommended. Do not use with fragile or valuable items. Manufacturer’s and/or seller’s liability is limited to the purchase price of the product.

As always, we are interested in your feedback. Please let us know if you discover applications where the tape does not stick. We will then test the application ourselves and share our findings with our customers.